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Accelerating the development of electric aviation in the Nordic countries.

What we do

The Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA) is the platform where Nordic actors come together to accelerate the introduction of electric aviation in the Nordic countries. The project is a collaboration between twelve partners from six Nordic countries. 

our four objectives


Standardize electric air infrastructure in the Nordic countries


Develop business models for regional point-to-point connectivity between Nordic countries. 


Develop aircraft technology for Nordic weather conditions.  


Create a platform for European and global collaboration.  


Although the Nordic countries have a substantial airport infrastructure that could connect regions, the current traffic flow tend to be nationalized and centralised to the Nordic capitals. 


Domestic flights


between nordic countries


are international routes flown between non-capital airports

twelve partners from six Nordic countries

RISE (Sweden), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (Denmark-Sweden), Heart Aerospace (Sweden), Elfly AS (Norway), Air Greenland (Greenland), Iceland air (Iceland), Finnair (Finland), Braathens Regional Airline (Sweden), Swedavia (Sweden), Avinor (Norway), Finavia (Finland) and NISA Nordic Initiative Sustainable Aviation (Denmark).


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Ledare December

Tänk vad ett år kan gå fort och ändå innehålla så mycket. I år har lärt oss att det finns något som heter flygskam, men också elflyg. I januari hade vi en workshop där vi hade med Mauritz Andersson som berättade om elflyg. Då var kommentarerna att det här låg långt...

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NEA kick off Östersund

NEA had a kick off together with Green flyway, one of our cooperation initiatives. The kick off were in Östersund and we had many very good speakers and the both projects had separate project meetings to set up a plan for each project.Among the speakers we could...

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COP25 och framtidens lösningar

Förra veckan hade vi två stora arrangemang som vi var med på. Under hösten har vi varit med i projektet Framtidens Transporter där högstadieelever tillsammans med bland annat Fossilfritt Flyg 2045 och Universeum i Göteborg har funderat på hur framtidens transporter...

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The Nordic Cooperation will gather in Stockholm for Nordic Climate Action Weeks. The mission is to create a back door into the COP25 in Madrid and open it up for everyone who want's to take climate action, especially the Nordic youth.  The weeks are full with events...

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FOKUS Elflyg

Påskynda utvecklingen av elektrisk luftfart i Norden! Det vill vi göra inom ett stort samarbetsprojekt som finansieras av Nordiska ministerrådet. De nordiska länderna leder vägen mot hållbara flygresor och en elektrisk flygindustri växer ut i Norden. Fram till nu har...

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possibilities lays ahead

Electrification of the domestic flights have many advantages besides the most obvious – reduce the carbon footprints of our long term travels.

Zero emissions

Electric aircraft have zero operational emissions, at least if it´s powered by clean energy. 


The carbon footprint of manufacturing and maintenance for electric aircraft is several orders of magnitude lower than for other modes of transport.  The high utilisation rates of electric planes gives them a much smaller manufacturing footprint than electric cars.

Quiet flight

Electric aircraft are more quiet, and there’s also less vibrations. Electric motors actively compensate for turbulence, giving you a smoother ride in all weather conditions. The carbon fiber composite fuselage is fully pressurised.

Open up for airports closer to the cities

Because it has no emissions and greatly reduced noise, you can have airports that are closer to cities. And this would make aviation a more competitive means of transport.

This could also mean a new chance for the country’s smaller and, in some cases, endangered airports.

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