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We’re switching our language from Swedish to English and during this time there will be post in both, and maybee even some Swinglish. If there is any content you can´t find, or get your head around – we’re here to respond  your questions. Just contact us!



The Nordic Cooperation will gather in Stockholm for Nordic Climate Action Weeks. The mission is to create a back door into the COP25 in Madrid and open it up for everyone who want's to take climate action, especially the Nordic youth.  The weeks are full with events...

FOKUS Elflyg

Påskynda utvecklingen av elektrisk luftfart i Norden! Det vill vi göra inom ett stort samarbetsprojekt som finansieras av Nordiska ministerrådet. De nordiska länderna leder vägen mot hållbara flygresor och en elektrisk flygindustri växer ut i Norden. Fram till nu har...

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