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The Nordic countries are leading the way towards sustainable air travel. Norway aims for all short-haul flights to be 100% electric by 2040, and Sweden aims for all domestic air travel to be fossil-fuel free by 2030, and all international flights departing from Swedish airports by 2045. Finavia in Finland and Avinor in Norway have both introduced the first electric aircraft in their respective countries, and Elfly AS has ordered 18 electric trainer aircraft and led the acquisition of another 60 aircraft for flight schools in Sweden and Norway. There is also a burgeoning electric aerospace industry in the Nordic countries, evidenced by Swedish Electric Aircraft startup Heart Aerospace AB. 

Several players are collaborating to open the world’s first commercial airline with electric aircraft in Norway in 2023. The time for electric aircraft is here. Now.

the people behind the idea

The Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA) started by a few dedicated people. Anders Forslund, the entrepeneur behind Heart Aerospace. Maria Fiskerud the leader of Fossil free avaition 2045, and the funder of Fly green Fund. Together they had an idea and a mission to create fossil free aviation in the nordics and were elecric aircraft play a huge roll, especially on shorter flights. They gathered several key players from all over the nordic countries and with funding from Nordic Innovation, NEA could be realised in October -19.


Anders Forslund

Anders Forslund

CEO Heart Aerospace

Maria Fiskerud

Maria Fiskerud

Cluster manager, Fossil-free Aviation 2045

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